From this page you can download free software created in our office.
Usage of this software is under your responsibility
Beam on Winkler foundation
Windows software with brief manual in english
Selectable Greek and English version of the software
Footings in biaxial loading
Go to Greek pages for downloading
Dos software, Windows compatible
Real biaxial loading of the footing with large eccentricities. Excellent interface and graphics.
Greek version only.
Slabs by the Pieper-Martens method.
Windows software for Slabs by the Pieper-Martens method.
4 way, 3 way, 2 way and cantilever slabs
Greek and English version available now.
Beam on Elastic Foundation
Manual in english updated
Footings subjected to biaxial loading
English version coming soon
An algorithm for the biaxial loading of footings.
A general case algorithm for Footings subjected to biaxial loading
New, Greek and English text.
20/9/2011 Flowchart corrected
N, Mx, My - Large eccentricities between the section's internal and external kernel. Algorithm by Costas Santamas. Greek and English text.
Slabs by the Pieper-Martens method
English version available now.
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